Crazy Hexagon

Crazy Hexagon 2.3

Crazy Hexagon is a very small and light-weight puzzle game
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Crazy Hexagon

Crazy Hexagon is a very small and light-weight game which has a unique concept. The game has a main theme which features a hexagonal Puzzle. The Big Hexagon is divided into several smaller hexagons. The smaller hexagons are made up of triangles of different colors. The triangles are a sector of the hexagon. The hexagons are overlapped with each other. The triangles are of six colors which are placed randomly over the hexagonal game area. Every color has the same number of the triangles. Clicking on the centre of the hexagon will rotate the sector triangles in a direction. Left click will rotate the hexagon counter-clockwise while right clicking will rotate the hexagon in the clockwise direction. The puzzle game is solved only when the player manages to match the colors of the six sectors to the surroundings. Each of the big sectors should contain the triangles of the same color. The game is a complete freeware and you can play it as long as you wish without worrying about trial period expiration and nag screens. The Crazy Hexagon game application is compatible with all common Widows versions.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Freeware
  • Small In size
  • Consumes less system resources


  • Hard to understand at first
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